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Addressing the Erosion of Democracy in Europe

The erosion of democratic principles and the rise of the far right in Europe were all topics of discussion at SPP's recent Rolling Back the Rollback forum.

Natural Resource Governance Still Faces Challenges

Whether or not natural resource wealth is transformed into prosperity is an issue that has made great strides recently, but it still faces challenges.

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June 23, 2014 to June 27, 2014

When Economic Downturns Spark Revolutions

Economic downturns in conjunction with a lack of economic freedom for non-elites can spark political violence says SPP's Michael Dorsch.

Human Rights Approach to Slavery is Needed

A human rights approach to contemporary slavery is required to effectively address the issue which effects up to 30 million people in the world today.

The Failure of Female Engagement Teams in Afghanistan

Female Engagement Teams in Afghanistan were easily manipulated by the locals and proved to be largely ineffective in their intended counter-insurgency role.